FREE insurance ‘health check’ for your cricket club

Marshall Wooldridge, providers of the ECB’s ExtraCover Insurance Scheme, are offering attendees at All Out Cricket LIVE the chance to benefit from a free cricket club insurance ‘health check’.

Visitors to Lord’s can book a 20-minute appointment, during which one of Marshall Wooldridge’s expert advisors will be able to assess your current level of cover and tell you if your club’s insurance is fit for purpose.

The appointments are available to anyone, regardless of your club’s current insurer or your involvement with your club, and all advice given on the day is completely free, impartial and without obligation.

Why should I bother?

With many cricket clubs failing to take into account the full value of buildings and ground equipment when organising their insurance, there is a good chance that should your club need to make an insurance claim, the pay out will fall 50% or more short of the amount required to fully repair or replace damaged and destroyed facilities.

With cricket club finances often precarious at best, this opportunity is a ‘no-brainer’: in 20 minutes Marshall Wooldridge can discuss your club’s policy, and provide straightforward advice that could, quite literally, save your cricket club.

In many instances, a small increase to a club’s yearly premium can make a huge difference to the level of cover, but Marshall Wooldridge will be able to advise as to the right questions to ask your insurer to make sure your club gets exactly the type as well as level of cover required.

How do I book my appointment?

  1. Register for All Out Cricket LIVE
  2. Send an email to
  3. Marshall Wooldridge will email back with a choice of available time slots (10am-4pm)
  4. Once your appointment is confirmed, Marshall Wooldridge will let you know what insurance documentation/details you should bring on the day.

For more information on Marshall Wooldridge and ExtraCover Insurance please take a look at our exhibitors page and