What Was Wrong With That Then, Umps?


Matthew Stevenson's 'What Was Wrong With That Then, Umps?' is an entertaining and amusing insight into the world of cricket.

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  • Lord's 2017


There are countless books written about the wonderful sport of cricket, but not many from the unique perspective of the umpire.

Matthew Stevenson’s diary covers five seasons spent as an umpire in recreational cricket, the many grounds he officiated at, the characters he encountered, the decisions he had to make – some right, some wrong – the cricket teas and the after match post-mortems.

Whether you are just an armchair cricket fan or an aficionado of the summer game, there is much in this book to interest and amuse you. For a player at any level, it will give you a greater understanding of the level of knowledge and concentration needed by the match officials who are so essential to recreational cricket.