Build Your Own Scoreboard


Build your own electronic scoreboard for around £600 using our open source project’s designs, instructions and software.

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Exhibiting at:

  • Lord's 2017


In 2013 a two man team at Westbury on Severn cricket club started an ambitious project to build a giant electronic scoreboard.  Inspired by an internet blog about how to build a giant electronic clock, and pining for cricket in the off season, two friends with absolutely no electronics experience worked with their fellow cricketers at their small village club to build a fantastic electronic scoreboard.

After a few mishaps and a total spend of around £600, they completed their build using components sourced from builder merchants, online auction sites and electronics suppliers.  Controlled using a phone, tablet or laptop computer their scoreboard has been in use since 2013 and is now powered by a solar panel.

Come to our stand to meet two of the team and talk to them about the project.  See the project blog, where you will find designs, detailed instructions and software that will help your club start their own self build scoreboard project – free of charge!  In addition see examples of some of the 25 other builds from around the world, and how they have contributed to enhancing the designs and wireless interface.