Cricket bat simulators

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Exhibiting at:

  • Lord's 2017


Batfast have designed a simulator that is perfect for any event, be it a birthday party, stag activity or team-building event.

You and your guests will be able to bat against the world’s best bowlers, in simulated match scenarios and replicate the shots of the world’s best batsman. Additionally, our sound system creates an atmosphere of a full house stadium. Your guests will also be able to sledge you or commentate on your innings in our microphone kit.

Our simulators are set up for quick set-up and portability. We also provide a team of 2 fully trained and equipped operators who will run the whole event for you, removing pressure and stress of your shoulders so you can mingle with your attendees.

With settings applicable to all age groups (4 – 75 year old), skills (Beginner – Professional) and gender (male/female), we ensure that each and every guests at your event, will have a great time.

What’s included:

  1. 100 Soft balls (Do not hurt)
  2. Cricket Simulator
  3. Fair, Easy to understand and FUN scoring system
  4. Cameras for instant replays, and pictures
  5. Cricket Matting
  6. Inflatable Marquee/ Gazebo (15 metres x 4 metres)
  7. Floodlights
  8. Bats and Gloves
  9. Sound system for stadium sounds
  10. Microphone kit for commentary
  11. TV for leader board
  12. 2 Fully trained BATFAST team members